We can't negotiate the melting point of ice
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The Arctic

Consisting of deep ocean covered by drifting pack ice and surrounded by continents and archipelagos around the Earth's North Pole, the Arctic is the planet's largest and least fragmented inhabited region.

Why the Arctic matters

Home to millions
Warming faster than anywhere else in the world
Global interest is growing as ice melts
Eight countries, global significance
Vast resources are becoming available

Our changing relationship with polar bears

Climate change is pushing polar bears into cities in search of food.

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Putting a lid on methane emissions—before it’s too late

Methane, or CH4, is a colorless, odorless, and highly flammable gas—and a significant contributor to climate change. In fact, this potent greenhouse gas is between 28 and 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) in its ability to warm the atmosphere.

Published 21 October 2021


COP26 Arctic events

Here are some other COP26 Arctic-related events to check out.

Published 25 October 2021

From The Circle

Let's keep it frozen

Thawing permafrost is already making things difficult for people and species in the Arctic. But as TOM ARNBOM writes, if thawing continues and causes the release of methane from the ground, the climate crisis will escalate dramatically and we will feel the effects globally.