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On May 13 help save the ice edge

Right now, politicians in Norway are making an important decision about the future of the Arctic and the unique wildlife, like polar bears and bowhead whales, that live there. They must decide whether to protect or not to protect the marginal ice zone -- one of the world’s most important and threatened marine ecosystems -- from even more oil and gas development.

The marginal ice zone, or MIZ, is where Arctic sea ice meets open ocean. This area is critical for the survival of many threatened Arctic species and globally important fisheries.

Join us on May 13 in calling on Norway to #SaveTheIceEdge by listening to science and stopping new oil and gas exploration in this crucial Arctic area.

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1) On May 13 copy the message below:

Vulnerable areas in the #Arctic #Ocean need to be protected.

@NorwayMFA, #Norway needs to listen to science. Stop the expansion of oil & gas leases beyond the Marginal Ice Zone in the Arctic and protect the sea ice edge so nature can thrive.

Nature over oil #SaveTheIceEdge

2) Tweet @NorwayMFA, to stop the search for oil and protect vulnerable Arctic Ocean marine areas.

3) Feel good for helping :)


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