Arctic Youth Take-over

16 January 2020

Pan-Arctic Communities

Are you 30 years old or younger and passionate about the Arctic? Then join the youth take-over of The Circle magazine.

WWF is looking for young activists, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers to contribute to our next issue of The Circle, WWF Arctic Programme’s quarterly magazine. The Circle’s goal is to inform decision-makers, scientists and the public about current and future environmental and sustainability challenges facing the Arctic.

Contribute an article and have your voice heard

The Circle’s upcoming “Youth in Action” issue will focus on the concerns and topics that matter most to young people living and working in Arctic nations: Canada, Finland, Iceland, the US (Alaska), Denmark (Greenland), Sweden and Russia. We are looking for short articles (600 to 700 words) that:

- express the challenges young people across the Arctic are facing, or

- outline what needs to change, or

- describe projects that are helping to bring about change.

Give us your pitch!

All submissions must be received by February 3, 2020. If your story idea is chosen, a member of The Circle will work with you to help craft your article. What you say matters—so tell us what you want to talk about.

Questions? Email info@arcticwwf.org and we will get back to you!

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