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Arctic Check-up

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What can ice core records of a warmer Earth tell us about the Arctic’s future?

In this issue

In this issue, we check in on the state of a changing Arctic with a look at rising sea levels, industrial development, plastic pollution, human/wildlife conflict and alternative energy sources

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Anna Deniaud / Tara Expeditions Foundation

Migrating plastics

Even the Arctic is not immune.

Brandon Hill

The Pebble prospect

The wrong place and the wrong mine


Martha Lenio

Making the move to green energy in Nunavut

A co-op aims to change energy use in a northern community.

WWF / Sindre Kinnerød

Polar bear in the backyard!

People around the world have always lived with potentially dangerous animals—but as the human population increases and wildlife habitats shrink, this is becoming more challenging


The 2019 Arctic Council Conservation Scorecard

The eight Arctic states must take bold steps to limit pressures and stressors on the region through good governance.

The Circle is a magazine produced by the WWF Global Arctic Programme. Our goal is to inform decision-makers, scientists and the interested public about Arctic environmental and development issues.
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