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The Arctic Under Pressure

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WHEN I STARTED working with WWF in fall 2017, one of the first meetings I attended was about the organization’s plans for the two years leading up to what it was calling “the Super Year”: 2020 was seen as a critical year in the history of our planet, a time when countries around the world would achieve important targets to prevent biodiversity loss and finally articulate their plans to reduce carbon emissions for a healthier planet.

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In the 02.21 issue of The Circle, we explore what pressures species and people are experiencing in a region that is warming three times faster than the rest of the planet.

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In rural Alaska, things are not as they seem

Many people have the impression that water is widely available to everyone in the Arctic. They would be surprised to learn that actually, rural Alaskan households often lack sufficient access to the water they require for their daily needs. Antonia Sohns explains.

Timkal, Wikimedia Commons

Saying no to the Baffinland mine expansion in Canada’s Arctic

Located on the northern tip of Canada’s Baffin Island, Baffinland’s Mary River Mine produces 6 million metric tonnes of iron ore every year. It’s already the biggest industrial development project in the Canadian Arctic, but the company wants to more than double its production. Inuit in the area are concerned about the effects, and a public hearing has been taking place in Iqaluit and Pond Inlet.


Photo: Christopher Michel, CC, Flickr

Increasing ship traffic means a noisier Arctic Ocean

It’s common knowledge that as the Arctic melts, more ships are able to pass through the Arctic Circle. As JENNIFER BRANDON writes, these ships— combined with the Arctic basin’s unique geographic properties—are increasing noise levels in the area significantly, creating a big problem for Arctic marine mammals who rely on sound to communicate, navigate and hunt.

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