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The Climate Crisis: There's No Going Back

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In our climate issue, we highlight the importance of climate action now - for the Arctic and the entire planet.

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Jessie Lindsay, NMFS MMPA Permit No. 19309.

Retreating sea ice threatens Indigenous way of life

Climate change is not only affecting the health of many Arctic species—it is also having an impact on the people and communities that depend on them to survive. A new study shows that a decline in sea ice has severely curtailed the length of the seal-hunting season in northern Alaska, threatening the communities that have depended on these marine mammals for food and clothing for generations.

Tom Arnbom

Let's keep it frozen

Thawing permafrost is already making things difficult for people and species in the Arctic. But as TOM ARNBOM writes, if thawing continues and causes the release of methane from the ground, the climate crisis will escalate dramatically and we will feel the effects globally.


Peter Prokosch /

Responding to rapid Arctic climate change: Is the future cancelled for lack of interest?

SEA ICE determines much of the nature of life in and around the Arctic Ocean. Research published this year by Nature demonstrated how historic changes in ice conditions in the channel between Greenland and northernmost Nunavut, Canada were linked not only to biological productivity and abundance of species in the area immediately south, but also to the very presence of people in Greenland.

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