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WWF is working to protect Norway's Arctic gems.

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How we work

Keeping oil out of important areas

WWF is working in Norway to make areas such as Lofoten permanently off limits to oil drilling, because of the natural values of the region, and the economic value of the local fishery.

Re-establishing the Arctic fox

In the 19th century, Arctic foxes were a common sight in Norway and Sweden, but they were nearly exterminated by overhunting. WWF-Sweden is supporting work to grow and stabilize the Swedish Arctic fox population.

Reducing polar bear conflict on Svalbard,Norway

Svalbard is a hotspot for polar bear tourism - and conflict. The local government is working with organizations like WWF, scientists and the tourist sector to find the best methods for managing conflict.

Reducing the oil spill risk

WWF has mapped the enormous potential reach of an oil spill in the Barents Sea.

Supporting polar bear research on Svalbard

WWF is supporting Norwegian scientists on Svalbard who are researching the local polar bear population.

Tracking bowheads

WWF supports the work of the Norwegian Polar Institute, which is tracking rare bowhead whales near Svalbard.


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The Circle 01.21
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2019 Arctic Council Conservation Scorecard - Overview
2019 Arctic Council Conservation Scorecard - Overview
29 April 2019
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