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Arctic Governance

A new Arctic needs new rules. As climate change causes the Arctic's ice to melt and new areas to open up, the region is facing unprecedented changes and serious threats.

Why it matters

The ecosystems of the Arctic transcend political boundaries, making collaboration among Arctic states essential. The need to work together is intensified by the sparse population and limited resources of the region.

Who plays a role in the future of the Arctic?

The 8 Arctic nations
Iceland, the Kingdom of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada and the United States form the core of the Arctic Council, an international governing body for the region.
Arctic peoples
Over 4 million people live in the Arctic, and their livelihoods are directly tied to its future.
Non-Arctic nations
Countries like Singapore, China and the UK have an interest in Arctic routes and resources, and Arctic warming may impact weather and sea levels around the world.
Shipping, oil and gas, and companies are drawn to the Arctic by the tremendous economic opportunities unveiled by melting ice. Meanwhile, the companies that insure such projects are taking stock of the risks of working in icy waters.
Civil society
WWF and other organizations are working to ensure that increased development is managed responsibly, for the benefit of people, wildlife and habitats.

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How we work


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