The WWF Arctic Programme

Andrew Dumbrille

Senior Specialist, Arctic shipping


Andrew Dumbrille, WWF’s Senior Specialist, Arctic Shipping, has worked for over 25 years in the environmental NGO sector on a variety of issues from climate change to oceans governance. In the past 5 years, Andrew has focused on reducing the impact of shipping to the Arctic marine environment.

He spearheaded an international NGO coalition working to eliminate the use of heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters and has been an active advocate for the development and improvement of international Arctic shipping regulations at the International Maritime Organization. Last year, Andrew organized WWF’s ‘Arctic Shipping and Local Oil Spill Response Learning Exchange’ an event which brought together BC Coastal First Nations, US Tribes, community member from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and Nunavut, as well as government and industry to discuss the threat posed by increased Arctic shipping and oil spills.

Safeguarding nature can support healthy Arctic communities, that’s a big reason why I work at WWF and on reducing the impact of development in the north.