The WWF Arctic Programme

Femke Hilderink

Advisor, Nature Conservation – WWF Netherlands


Femke is WWF-Netherlands' advisor on nature conservation, with a focus on human-wildlife conflict.

In 2011 she conducted a literature study on human-polar bear conflicts in Greenland, then coordinated the work of WWF's Arctic offices on human-polar bear conflict and co-developed a joint strategy to minimize such conflicts.

As co-coordinator of the WWF Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) working group, Femke encourages WWF colleagues to share their experiences and exchange information on best management practices. In 2017 she coordinated the ‘HWC Tech Challenge’, aiming to find new technology to detect bears approaching villages.

Blown away by its beauty, I realized during my first visit to the Arctic, that such a hostile environment can - at the same time - be so fragile.