The WWF Arctic Programme

Jan Dusik

Lead Specialist, Sustainable Development

WWF Arctic Coordinating Team

Jan is the lead specialist on sustainable development for the Arctic Programme and coordinates WWF’s work across the Arctic on sustainability issues.

Jan has devoted his whole career to the environment, climate change and sustainability. He most recently served as UNEP's principal adviser for the Arctic and representative to the Arctic Council in 2018 and 2019. He has worked for the government of the Czech Republic, the European Union and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). He has always advocated for the environment to be on equal footing with economic and social considerations in decision-making. With an educational background in law and environmental change, he looks for ways to balance the need for continuity with disrupting unsustainable, business-as-usual approaches and pursuing innovative solutions.

I believe that the Arctic, which is increasingly exposed to an unprecedented change, has a great potential to balance the interests of its unique nature with the people who live and work in this special region - if managed well, it can become a laboratory of reference for global sustainability efforts. We owe it to the Arctic inhabitants - people as well as fauna and flora - and to the whole of humanity, which must be concerned with the fate of the Arctic.