The WWF Arctic Programme

Leanne Clare

Senior Manager, Communications

WWF Arctic Coordinating Team

As Senior Manager of Communications for the Arctic Programme, Leanne leads the coordination of communications across WWF’s Arctic offices.

Leanne has over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, media, government and universities in a variety of capacities. Whether working as a researcher, international policy advisor or journalist, she has always valued the power of a good story to broaden perspectives and discussions.

Leanne has a Master of Arts in Journalism from Western University, a Graduate Diploma in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta.

The Arctic is a place very few of us will ever get to visit. I want to tell stories that that demonstrate the wonders, complexities and uniqueness of the Arctic in ways that inspire us all to keep it safe.